Summer Run Farm & Empire Ice Cream Return


Summer Run Farm and Empire Ice Cream are returning to Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday, May 10th after their respective winter hiatuses.

Summer Run, from Carnation, is renowned for its spectacular lettuces, not to mention a broad range of other crops, from radishes to green beans to broccoli to potatoes, all of which will grace the farm’s tables as the year progresses.

Empire Ice Cream is not only a stickler for using fresh, local ingredients, right down to the sugar it sources from Idaho sugar beets, but these guys are also the mad scientists of ice cream, setting the bar high for all those ice cream making artists that now follow in their footsteps. This week, Empire Ice Cream promises the following flavors:

  • Brown Sugar
  • Fresh Mint wth Theo Chocolate
  • Chocolate Ice Cream with Nibs (again, featuring Theo Chocolate)
  • Candied Bacon with Hazelnuts (with Skagit River Bacon and Holmquist Hazelnuts
  • Rhubarb Oolong Sorbet

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