4 Days Left to Vote for Ballard Farmers Market


Click this image to vote for Ballard Farmers Market!

Have you voted for your Ballard Farmers Market as America’s Favorite Farmers Market? No? What are you waiting for?!? Over 1,200 people will pass through this blog in the next 36 hours, and around 10,000 will pass through the Market on Sunday. We routinely hear you telling us it is your favorite farmers market. You wanna make us really feel good? Well, we need you now to formalize that opinion. Each and every one of you! Please vote now! Voting ends on Tuesday, August 31st.

Look, the folks in Rochester, New York, Davis, California and Grand Rapids, Michigan are voting. Lots of them. Don’t let them give the world the misperception that their markets are better than ours, or that they love their markets more than we love ours, because we all know better. Vote now! Tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, your cats, your dogs, your parole officer, your pizza deliver dude. You can vote once with each unique email address. Do it for Washington. Do it for Seattle. Do it for Ballard!

Thank you.

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