Non-Profit Organizations & Community Groups



We are pleased to be able to offer non-profit, community organizations and small nearby neighborhood businesses, the opportunity to make contact with our visitors.  Please come to the Market Info Desk no earlier than 45 minutes to a half an hour before the market opens, on the day that you wish to attend.   Check-in with the market staff, and you will be directed to a space, if one is available, for you to use for the day.

We will do all that we can to accommodate your group or organization, but please note, space is limited and there is no guarantee of market availability.

Market location space will usually accommodate a card-table, a couple of folding chairs, and the table top information, brochures, handouts, etc.   If you require a larger, full size space (10’x 10′), please note that space is often limited and not always available. You are responsible for all of the set-up that you require.

In the interest of fairness, a limit of one time per month, per organization, is usually observed.  Collecting financial donations requires a letter that verifies that you are authorized to collect donations on their behalf and must be on official letterhead from the 501(c)(3) organization.  This letter must be available for inspection, upon request, at all times while at the SFMA markets.

Approval by Market Staff is required before selling any items at the market.  Bake Sales and other food items are not generally allowed due to health department considerations.

We look forward to seeing you at our community market.

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