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Turkeys Available Sunday

November 19, 2010

Turkeys looking a bit nervous at Alm Hill Farms. Photo courtesy Growing Washington.

Hey all you procrastinators! You’re in luck. Though all of our regular poultry farmers are already sold out of their turkeys for Thanksgiving, two other farms actually still have some to offer you: Alm Hill Gardens and Tiny’s Organic. Clayton from Alm Hill says his big birds (pictured above — no, that’s not a self-shot of Clayton) are 16-17 pounds each and are going for $5.49/pound. He has five left. If you want him to reserve one, email him at clayton (at) You can also pre-order a turkey via Tiny’s website, or you can take your chances on getting one of the 15-20 they plan to bring with them to Ballard Farmers Market on Sunday.  I recommend pre-ordering. They have three different heirloom varieties to choose from in the low teens in weight.