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April 22, 2015

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It’s Earth Day today.

This is an idea announced 45 years ago today, here in Seattle.  It’s one of our City’s gifts to the world.  Originally celebrated by delivering a black casket, symbolically containing the Earth, to the Mayor’s offices. Don’t we live in an amazing, special and beautiful place?


Sustainable Ballard is having a Street Party this afternoon, April 22nd, 4 pm until 8 pm at NW 46th Street & Leary Way NW.  There will be lots of ideas for improving our environment, music, great food and interesting people. You’ll also find out that it can be fun to work on improving our world.


Go to the Earth Day Network website and see ways you and your family can have an impact on what is going on. If we stand up for our community and use our dollars to speak of what we feel is important, we can make a difference.  This is, no doubt, something that you already know.

Read the April 15th Forbes article, “Earth Day 2015: …10 Funds Prove Investors Can Beat The Stockmarket by Going Green”, written by Tran Ho, an investment consultant.  Click on the Forbes name and find out how beneficial it can also be to be thoughtful and principled when you use your money.

The message on this 45th anniversary of Earth Day is don’t be shy to contact your politicians.  Be they working downtown, in Olympia or in the Other Washington. Tell them what you feel is important. And keep doing it. They don’t act like they can hear, or read, but perseverance is the key. Our efforts can contribute to a ripple effect that leads to policies that will protect this wonderful world.  I understand that snail mail is now taking too long to get to some of the politicians because of security checks.  So feel free, and be counted, by sending an email about what matters to you. If you need to get the email addresses, we’ll be glad to help you find that.  Finally, don’t forget to vote.



As Ballard Farmers Market supporters, you commit positive actions (on many levels) to support local food producers. Earth Day is every day for you.  In a real way, you contribute to our state’s smaller-scale farm families in an enterprise that is more difficult than ever for anyone not doing large-scale agriculture.  Because of you, the Ballard Farmers Market, like the other farmers markets in our community, has become an economic engine for our State.  The people who prepare foods ready to eat at the market and those who grow and craft the wonderful items you take home, also buy their ingredients directly from the farms and local businesses.  Along with you, we are part of an elegant architecture of mutual community benefit, while eating the finest foods to be found anywhere.


With your support, for the last 3 years, we’ve been able to offer more of our neighbors the ability to use their SNAP (food stamp) benefits at the market.  Striving to bring the finest we have to all who want it. Every time you buy something from our small businesses, of whatever type, there is an economic phenomenon called the “Multiplier Effect”. This term originated from economics related to savings, but has recently been used by the USDA to describe the effects of direct marketing benefits for small farms and farmers markets’ communities. It deals with the fact that a dollar spent at a market, given to a farmer, is re-spent by that farmer with  72-89 cents going back again into the local economy, and this effect can often happen repeatedly.

Your actions contribute in real terms to the wonderful community we have.  Without you, we could not do it. We are proud and grateful that you spend your time and dollars with us.