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Meredith Clark

February 14, 2010

Meredith Clark gives you market fresh poetry to go with your market fresh food, at Ballard Farmers Market on February 7, 2010. Photo copyright 2010 by Zachary D. Lyons.

For all you kids out there in Ballard Farmers Market blog land, that thing Meredith Clark is holding is called a typewriter — t-y-p-e-w-r-i-t-e-r. Way back in the last century, people used to use these big, clunky things to, um, type. You didn’t need electricity, or a battery, or a stable cellular or wi-fi connection. You just needed an ink ribbon and some paper, and you could write words… well… legibly.

Meredith Clark not only writes legibly, but she writes creatively. Her Poetry Store offers Market shoppers fresh, nutritious, delicious verse to order. Give her an idea, and she’ll give you some verse.