Eggs, Honey & Dairy

Cheese (cow, goat & sheep)
Chevre (goat)
Cream (cow)
Crème Fraiche (cow)
Eggs (chicken, duck)
Honey (bee)
Milk (cow – raw)
Yogurt (cow, goat & sheep)

11 Responses to “Eggs, Honey & Dairy”

  1. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    I am not sure exactly what our six egg farmers feed their chickens, given your situation, since often feed is processed in mills where other grains are present. I suggest you come down to your Ballard Farmers Market and ask them yourself. To help you identify who the egg farmers are, please refer to the recent blog post all about eggs.

  2. Faith Says:

    I am wondering if there are is any local source for eggs where the chickens weren’t fed any grains besides corn. I have an extreme case of celiac disease and I can’t even eat eggs from grain fed chickens.

  3. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Good catch, Celia. I missed adding back the goat yogurt upon Port Madison’s return a few weeks ago.

    The cow yogurt, by the way, is from Samish Bay Cheese.

  4. Celia Says:

    You list yogurt as a cow product, but Port Madison Farm yogurt (one of the best yogurts in the world) is from goats.

  5. Emma Says:

    If anyone is looking for soy-free eggs, I do believe that BioCento farms eggs (available at Central Co-Op Madison Market) are soy-free. Anyone else have more information?

  6. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Golden Glen Creamery has fresh, pasteurized cream, and Sea Breeze often has fresh, unpasteurized cream. Both attend Ballard and Wallingford Farmers Markets every week, and Sea Breeze also attends Madrona Farmers Market.

  7. Jp Says:

    What about fresh cream?? It’s great to get fresh milk but what about cream? If not then anyone know where I could get some? And not the ultra pasteurized overpriced crap from the grocery store…

  8. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Ah, looks like I’ll have to do a “What is it?” post on this topic soon. In the meantime, to answer your first question, yes, we do have raw milk (cows and goats) and raw cream at Ballard Farmers Market.

    The raw cow’s milk is available from Sea Breeze, which has those refrigerated cases along the sidewalk side near Madame K’s. They also have the cream and créme fraiche.

    Quilceda Farm has the raw goat’s milk, along with goat meat, lamb and pastured veal. They are located on the sidewalk side at the 22nd Avenue end of the Market.

    As for defining créme fraiche, for now, let’s leave that to Interweb gurus of random knowledge, Wikipedia and WiseGeek.

  9. Michelle Says:

    Is there any raw milk/cream sold? What is créme fraiche?

  10. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    All the egg producers I spoke with at the Market said that sometimes their egg-laying hens’ feed contains soy and sometimes it doesn’t. I suppose the issue here is whether you are avoiding soy for allergy or other dietary reasons. If for allergy reasons, I am guessing you cannot tolerate any soy, and thus you should understand that most of the organic feed chickens here are getting, while sometimes not listing soy as an ingredient, is processed in a facility through which soy has also been processed, and as such you run the risk of soy exposure. If your concern is simply dietary, and you can tolerate small amounts of soy in your diet, then you might be able to eat these eggs when the farmers are using feed that does not list soy as an ingredient. If your concern is with GMO soy, please note that certified organic feed should, by law, be free of any GMO soy.

    The bottom line is that if you have a concern about the presence of soy in the feed of the hens laying the eggs you are buying, you should ask the farmers directly about the feed they use. That is part of the beauty of shopping at a farmers market — you can actually interact with the people producing the food you are buying and ask them how it was produced.

    And no, Rickman Gulch is no longer at Ballard Farmers Market, nor any other in the Seattle area, to the best of our knowledge. Also, chickens do naturally eat legumes. In the case of Rickman Gulch, they are growing their own field peas to feed to their chickens instead of soy.

    Note: none of this information should be considered a medical opinion. And as we have many egg producers at Ballard Farmers Market, we were not able to query all of them. We recommend you, the buyer, take that responsibility, as you know your needs best.

  11. Vickie Says:

    I am looking for soy-free chicken eggs. Does Rickman Gulch visit
    your market? Thanks!

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