Grains & Flours

Black Mustard Seed (not a grain)
Buckwheat (not a grain)
Buckwheat Flour
Corn (dried)
Hard Red Wheat
Hard Red Wheat Flour
Hulless Oats
Pastry Flour

Red Wheat Flour


Rye Flour
Soft White Wheat
Soft White White Flour

Triticale Flour
Triticale Pastry Flour

2 Responses to “Grains & Flours”

  1. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    You may always feel free to make product inquiries, or ask where you can find a vendor, at the Market Information Desk at the Vernon Place end of the Market.

    That said, right now, it is Nash’s Organic Produce that has flour and whole grains from their farm available for sale at Ballard Farmers Market.

  2. Lewis Warren Says:

    Who sells grains and flours? Can I ask at the front table and find out?

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