Meat, Seafood & Poultry

*Please note that in the case of fresh fish, while it may be in season, it may not be available some weeks due to conditions at sea.


Canned Salmon
Canned Tuna (1st Sunday of each month)


Chicken (fresh & frozen)
Clams – Live
Crab Cakes


Dried Tuna (1st Sunday of each month)
Duck (fresh)
Dungeness Crabs
Ikura (salted salmon roe)



Ling Cod (fresh or frozen)
Oysters – Live
Oysters – Shucked
Pickled Oysters
Pickled Salmon
Rockfish (fresh)

Salmon – Coho, Keta, King, Pink, Sockeye (frozen)

Salmon Jerky

Salmon Lox

Salmon Patties (frozen)

Salmon Spread

Schmaltz (chicken fat)
Smoked Oysters

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Tuna (1st Sunday of each month)

Stock (beef, chicken, duck, turkey)
True Cod (fresh)
Tuna-Albacore (frozen) (1st Sunday of each month)

Veal (seasonal)

5 Responses to “Meat, Seafood & Poultry”

  1. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Stokesberry Sustainable Farm.

  2. Xythen Says:

    Who is selling the fresh duck?

  3. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Come by the Market on Sunday and talk to Quilceda Farms. They raise goats, and they might be able to help you.

  4. bART qUEARY Says:

    I would like to buy a fresh whole goat or one live and ready for slaughter. Can anyone give me a lead?



  5. Bill Whitbeck Says:

    I would like to inform everyone who shops at the Ballard Farmers Market, that Taylor Shellfish will NOT be at the market this Sunday, December 27th. We will return the following week, Sunday, January 3rd. Have a safe and happy holiday!
    Oyster Bill

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