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14 Responses to “Nursery & Floral”

  1. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    I’m sorry, no. Our succulent grower is off tending to his saffron until December, but he will return in February.

  2. Annie Says:

    any plant venders selling succulents (sedums/sempervirons) this sunday?

  3. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Sorry, this one got by me earlier. We did have some basil starts today, and I believe some pepper starts. If you did not get them today, try back next Sunday.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Hi, will there be pepper or basil starts at tomorrow’s market?

  5. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    No, not at this time. Sorry.

  6. diane Says:

    Does any vendor sell worm tea for gardens?

  7. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    We have several vendors selling soap at Ballard Farmers Market. You should come down and check the market out!

  8. Sarah Says:

    Do any of you sell soap???

  9. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Flowers available at your Ballard Farmers Market change with the seasons, and sometimes that means from week-to-week. All flowers sold at Ballard Farmers Market are grown in Western Washington. While it is difficult to keep up a current listing of what’s in season here, our best advice is simply to look outside. If it’s in season in your neighborhood, it likely is at the Market, too. Of course, our flower farmers have gotten very good at jumpstarting the seasons, so often they will have stuff a few weeks before they bloom in your neighborhood, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

    Best advice, come down and see for yourself. And if you have particular future needs for flowers, as the flower farmers. Perhaps they can even take an order for you for later.

  10. Kristen Says:

    What fresh cut flowers will be coming to the market soon?

  11. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    While we know many of our farmers will be offering decorative wreathes, garlands and more for the holidays, at this time, we do not expect to have anyone selling live or cut trees this year.

  12. Emilie Jenkins Says:

    Will the Ballard Market sell Christmas trees?

  13. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Yes. Gift certificates may be obtained at the Market Information Desk at the Vernon Place end of the Ballard Farmers Market, and at any of our other markets.

  14. Marilyn Murphy Says:

    Do you have gift certificates I could purchase?

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