Baby Bok Choy

Asian Baby Turnips

Bok Choy
Braising Mix
Brussels Sprouts


Collard Greens

Dandelion Greens
Green Onions

Mustard Greens & Black Mustard Seeds
Raab (various)
Salad Mix
Shelling Beans (dried)

Squash blossoms
Winter Squash


15 Responses to “Vegetables”

  1. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    They’re already here. Have been for a couple of weeks. At least four vendors currently are offering nursery stock, including fruit, vegetable and herb starts, and more will come in the coming weeks.

    In the future, you should refer to the “Nursery & Floral” category in “What’s Fresh Now!”, not “Vegetables”. It will let you know if we have folks selling plants and/or fresh-cut flowers.

  2. Catherine Says:

    When do the plant starts/seedlings start to appear. I need some for a class demonstration I’m doing on plant anatomy around the middle of April.

  3. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Yes, Oxbow Farm.

  4. Rick Says:

    April 18th……Anyone selling heirlooooom tamaters?

  5. Brian Says:

    If you’re looking for non-local ramps, they have them at Sosio’s in Pike Place Market

  6. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    As far as I can tell, ramps are an East Coast phenomenon, so you will never see them at Ballard Farmers Market, as everything at the Market is grown or produced in Washington. Of course, if someone knows differently, please share, but all the info I can find on ramps says they grow from Canada to South Carolina along the Appalachian Chain, and I have certainly never seen them here.

    Here is some interesting info on ramps, BTW.

    For other info on wild foraged foods, please check the “foraged” sections.

  7. Claire Says:

    When, if ever, can we expect to see ramps? Thanks!

  8. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    All mushrooms at Ballard Farmers Market are wild foraged mushrooms. We do not have a mushroom farmer on our vendor roster. Therefore, to see when mushrooms are in season, please refer to the “Foraged Foods” page.

    That said, Foraged & Found Edibles sells wild mushrooms year-round at Ballard Farmers Market, always available dried, and usually available fresh, with fresh varieties differing depending on the season.

  9. Jessi Says:

    When will mushrooms be at the market again?

  10. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Not that I am aware of.

  11. JD Reinbold Says:

    Do any growers have amaranth leaves?

  12. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Check with Local Roots or Full Circle. Possibly Boistfort Valley or Stoney Plains, too, but I know the first two have had it recently. Of course, we never really know who will have what until they actually show up. And get there early, in case they harvest only a little of it.

  13. Karen Says:

    Suggestion for which vendors will have escarole tomorrow, 7/12? Thanks!

  14. Zachary D. Lyons Says:

    Lots of farmers should have sugar snap peas in the Market on June 14th. In fact, you will also find snow peas and English (shelling) peas widely throughout the Market. One bit of advice, though, is to be careful to check which kind of peas a farmer has, so you do not accidently get English peas when you want sugar snaps. Always feel free to ask.

  15. Lydia Miller Says:

    Will anyone have sugar snap peas this Sunday the 14th?

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